This is it!

Starting March 1st, at the Hannaford store

located at:

21A Essex Way, Essex Junction VT,

the Hannaford Cause Bag Program will be

focused on supporting:

the Essex Community Historical Society!

~ Every day counts ~

We hope you find the resources at

helpful in your continued outreach.

And, don't forget to share with everyone that the blue bags with the

good karma message can be found on the reusable bag rack and at

various registers.

Feel free to contact us at anytime.

We are here for YOU - Good luck on your Campaign to the Save the Tower

* * * * *
All the money received from the sale of these bags goes to the Save the Tower Project.
Help save the Tower and help save the environment as well with these bags


Best Regards,
The Hannaford - Bags 4 My Cause Team

Bags 4 My Cause
(207) 361-3391 ext 103
You can find us on Facebook at